Download - Password is "glover".

Info/instructions the readme:

Glover PC except runnable on a non-toaster

Should be as easy as opening Glover.exe and you can play the game.
The key config is set to my own preference since Shift/Alt would conflict with stuff.
Using keyboard still sucks, mapping a controller to the keys is recommended.

In order to stop the flicker (and run the game in a window) dgVoodoo2 is used. The
configuration utility is included in case anything needs to be tweaked.

This is working on my Windows 10 x64 PC and has not been tested elsewhere yet. If you
run into issues bother @donutgrind on Twitter.

Changes to Glover EXE

A few function calls and conditional jumps are replaced with NOP/RET instructions to 
(1) get around the copy protection/CD requirement
(2) Disable playback of "Smacker" video files (they would cause the game to hang)
(3) Disable checking the registry for a "whereami" key. Glover would exit if it didn't exist

A flag which generates a log file with some debugging information has been enabled.
Most of the messages aren't very meaningful but could help in troubleshooting strange
issues that arise in the future.

A section of the code attempts to enable/disable interrupts (CLI/STI) which is not
allowed by userland applications in modern Windows/x86 processors (so the game crashes).
I replaced both with a NOP.

Changes to Config EXE

Like the game itself, the config program checks for the "whereami" registry key. The jump
to the function which does this is replaced with RET. Without this change, the program pops
up a message "Make sure Glover is properly installed" and exits.

FAQ / Known Issues

My AV is flagging some DLLs as malicious!

The DirectX wrapper for dgVoodoo2 ( uses
modified versions of the DirectX DLLs to work. Since these are considered Windows system
files, modified/spoofed versions can be flagged as malicious by some anti malware programs.
I can tell you it's a false positive, but it's up to you if you want to trust me or Dege.


How to L cancel in this version?

Press F12. For whatever reason this key is not configurable.


I want to use full screen mode!

Press Alt + Enter to toggle it.