Super String

At some point when I was in high school (2003-2007) I discovered and began using Game Maker. I created several terrible things with this program, and might post those some day. Out of all of those bad projects though, the worst (or best?) is Super String.

In Super String the main character was created by scribbling the mouse in ms paint for about 1 second. The goal of this player character is to collect all the red triangles on the screen and avoid... fart clouds. These obstacles are generated by enemies, whos sprites are just a few dots, and are real pushovers because all you have to do to defeat them is touch them.

You'd think that the clouds would also disappear when they touch you, but no, instead they subtract 1 health for each frame they are colliding with you. You'd also think that they would be generated near the enemies that cause them to appear, or at least on a part of the screen not directly where the player is at that moment. Wrong again, they spawn randomly at 5 pre-determined points on the screen and you just have to memorize them and stay away from those areas.

There's a key that lets you invert the color of the player because I didn't understand the concept of using outlines to make objects fit with any background.

This game has no story, but I won't spoil the ending.

Anyway if you made a shitty game as a teenager it was probably less embarassing than this. If Game Maker could export to flash I think this would at least be worth a turd of the week.

I'd post the source if I still had it, but it's long gone and only this EXE remains. Assuming you don't consider playing early 2000s punk rock through your speakers malicious, I promise this program will not (intentionally) blow up your computer.

High fidelity graphics gamers will love!

Crush your enemies by surviving for a predetermined amount of time.

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